2020 has been a bit of a rollercoaster while so many amazing wonderful, kind people push on. There are many I want to dedicate this new 4th album to. A special thank you to Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.'s top doctor for her calm, approach to Covid, while reminding us how to stay safe and be considerate of others. 

Through all the challenges with covid, lockdowns and persisting racism it's wonderful to see suppressed voices rise to be heard! I am hopeful real change will find its way to those who have been suppressed but continue to fight for equality and fairness. I also hope you all stay safe through Covid.

On the music front, a 4th album is almost complete and a release date will be announced very soon. It's been a fun project! Special thanks to Jon Epworth for his role as producer, bass player and drummer on the tracks. I also want to thank Brett Rose and Neil Forrest for the enjoyable jams every week before Covid hit resulting in a shut down of our music practice. Also another big thanks to Brett and Neil for arrangement suggestions while I was writing  as well as taking the time in the studio playing bass and drums on a few tracks. After the release of the 4th album the next plan will be to go re-record a few tracks, re-master and re-release the first two albums. 

The working title of the new 4th album is "Vancouver Island". This album is a collection of 10 songs I have written over the last 2 years with an addition of two tracks written over 20 years ago. There is a real variation on the song writing from heavy, to 70's rock, to radio friendly songs. I really look forward to sharing. 

On last note, I also hope you enjoy the newly added photography page. The page contains a collection of photos I have taken over the last 10 plus years. I want to give a special thanks to Matt Newfield who has joined me on many of the trips into nature over the last 10 plus years. 

As I continue to pursue nature photography, I may offer some Vancouver Island on location photography workshops in the future if anyone is interested. Landscape photography brings one close to nature without being destructive to it. There is nothing more rewarding than being within nature without leaving a trace. To be there as an observer, to love and appreciate the natural world, our home we call earth.